Scientific Electronics

Land based AWS

An automatic weather station is an assembly of various sensors to monitor various environmental parameters coupled with a data logger and radio transmitter to record and transmit this data to some terminal equipment like PC or Server, where it may be stored, accessed and analyzed.

Ship based AWS

The automation observing ships has increased significantly in recent years and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) have now been installed on a number of ferries, container ships and research vessels. They have the advantage that basic meteorological quantities can be automatically measured and transmitted at hourly intervals, rather than 3 or 6 hourly.

Ocean Instruments

 Our equipment is tested and industry-proven, reliable, and backed by our Ocean Instruments guarantee. If we have not used this equipment in the field ourselves, we don’t sell it.   From deep water sediment sampling tools to precision camera systems, we have you covered.