Software coding

The coding is the process of transforming the design of a system into a computer language format. This coding phase of software development is concerned with software translating design specification into the source code. It is necessary to write source code & internal documentation so that conformance of the code to its specification can be easily verified.

Coding is done by the coder or programmers who are independent people than the designer. The goal is not to reduce the effort and cost of the coding phase, but to cut to the cost of a later stage. The cost of testing and maintenance can be significantly reduced with efficient coding.

Problems and solutions

As a professional working in an industry that is controlled by deadlines, you might be asked to provide an estimate on the time it would take to complete a task such as debugging code or completing certain features in a sprint.

Estimates are important in software development. They can be a basis for price quotes and project schedules. Schedule delays cause problems and may compromise trust.

As a new programmer, you might be tempted to put in more time than you need for a task, with the assumption that doing so might impress your boss and be good for the project. But doing this can come back to bite you. It can put you way behind schedule and behind your team, which makes you look bad.